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Kated Travel Podcast

Dec 30, 2020

It seems surreal, the world’s largest primates marooned on these volcanic mountains in the sky.

But take just one step beneath the rainforest canopy and the experience is real.

You walk through dense tangled forest, tracking a troop of critically endangered giants, critically endangered due to severe habitat degradation.

And there’s a moment when time stands still.

A wild mountain gorilla is staring at you; gesturing, communicating, revealing.

Welcome to their world.

Welcome to the world’s most intimate wildlife experience.

Gorilla trekking preserves and increases this rare habitat, helping the mountain gorilla population increase by 25% since 2010.

It is only possible in Rwanda and Uganda.

It’s not easy to reach such remote landscapes and rare animals.

Kated Travel Podcast host Stephen Bailey explains the different options, on this episode about the what, how, why and when of gorilla trekking.

So that you can also come eye to eye with these majestic wild animals and ensure their continued existence.